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We're passionate about providing our clients with services and the tools that help them be the best they can be. 


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The sourcery Project

Leading Your Legacy

We're proud to support leaders in their growth as they move from business as usual to becoming a force for good for their employees, clients, suppliers, community and their environment.  


'Leading Your Legacy' is a nature-based leadership programme which encourages leaders to consider their collective impact and legacy by re-imagining their purpose and that of their organisation.


Using a unique process to identify an inspiring future, followed by identifying the barriers to change and working on overcoming these leaves the participants with clarity about their future direction, an inspiring vision for the future and the first steps to begin the shift to a more energising future that fulfils their aspirations and future legacy, today.

Unlocking Team Performance

We will help you to identify the factors that enable your teams to work to their full potential. Working alongside team leaders and teams, we assess the key areas of attention and create tailored programs to bring the change the team needs.


Our focus is to enable teams to work together effectively, execute strategy and fulfil their purpose within in the organisation.

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Realising Leadership Potential

Our programs help leaders to become highly self-aware, play to their strengths and avoid unnecessary career derailing behaviours, allowing them to consistently perform to their full potential.  


Often, we are unaware of untapped strengths or limiting beliefs that combine to restrict our performance as leaders.  

We will help you identify and work on them to realise your full leadership potential.

Efficient Communication

We help individual, teams and working groups to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts including one to one, group meetings and when presenting.  


Using a variety of tools and techniques we encourage skill development and mindset changes that can lead to more aligned organisational cultures.

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Effective feedback and conflict management

We train individuals and teams to give and receive feedback in effective ways to encourage personal development, growth and reduce the unhelpful tensions that can arise when the basics are missed or implemented poorly.


We raise the awareness of individual conflict management preferences and coach individuals and teams to adjust their styles to meet the situation and manage their responses to different styles effectively. 

Whole Intelligence (TM)

Using the work of Malcolm Parlett and his theory and practice of Whole Intelligence, we work with organisations to adopt and infuse the approach into their everyday practices.


This can become the cornerstone for highly effective working with increased individual and team engagement, efficient communication that can accelerate individual, team and organisational performance.

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