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The Sourcery Project
Committing to sustainable business

  • Do you recognise the urgency of becoming a sustainable business, part of the ‘force for good’ movement, but don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you find yourself and your team committing to sustainable initiatives but find 'business as usual' getting in the way?

  • Would you like to talk about the barriers that may be preventing you from becoming a sustainable business?

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More Sourcery Projec

The Sourcery Project will help you think differently about your impact as a business and reveal what’s holding you back.

We know the pressure on business to perform is constant, and at the same time we also know that that climate change is having an increasing impact on our way of life and business as usual.  The call for change is getting louder and yet the transition to sustainable business and working practices is often unclear and goals only touch the surface of the problem.  


The Sourcery Project is an answer to this challenge.


The Sourcery Project is a unique programme designed for UK SMEs who recognise the challenge of climate change, want to begin working on a new path for their business and at the same time are struggling to make the progress they aspire to.  


There are often many psychological and emotional barriers that remain below the surface that unintentionally hold us back from making the changes we need to.



Taking a pause from business as usual 


Our specialist framework will help those people leading and working in SMEs to become aware of the unconscious psychological and emotional barriers that may be holding in behaviours that prevent them from making progress, and help them to appreciate what beliefs and assumptions may be driving these.  


We support in pausing from business as usual and allowing time to individually and collectively reflect on the change in direction they want to see, discuss barriers and enables to change and become energised to start experimenting in areas of the business that are most ripe for supporting this transition.   

Nature is a profound source of insight and discovery, are you ready to disconnect in order to reconnect?


Tangible benefits to you and your teams


The Sourcery Project will help your business and your team


  • Clarity of mission and purpose 

  • Attracting new talent 

  • Serving your customers with a greater degree of integrity

  • Improved self-awareness

  • Identifying & testing barriers to change 

  • Breaking down silo working 

  • Confidence in committing to become a sustainable business

If you are ready to take the first step towards your transition

to sustainability, contact 'The Sourcery Project' team now

for your initial consultation.

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Nature Based Immersions
Business Simulaton Games


  • We’ve tried the normal off sites, and away days, but their impact is often momentary, how can we create experiences that will influence the way we work in the long term?

  • How can we connect more effectively now we are remote and hybrid working so when we meet it has a significant, positive impact on our working relationships and effectiveness?

  • How do we start thinking radically about how our business can respond to climate change?

Contact us today and help your business become future fit.

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