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Leading Your Legacy
For long-term thinking in a short-term world

  • Are you a leader seeking what's meaningful and significant?

  • Do you think about your legacy and contribution?

  • Do you feel isolated, stuck or uncertain about what it looks like and how to start?

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Leading Your Legacy will help you think differently about your contribution as a leader and reveal what’s holding you back from creating it every day.

We know the pressure on leaders to perform is constant, and at the same time we also know that many people are questioning their purpose in work and wanting to make a more meaningful contribution for themselves, the people they work with and their wider environment.  This growing trend is having an increasing impact on our way of life and business as usual.  The call for change is getting louder and yet the transition can often seem unclear and uncertain.  


'Leading Your Legacy' is an answer to this challenge.


'Leading Your Legacy' is a unique programme designed for those who have reached this stage to press pause, to reconsider, recalibrate and re-energise what matters most right now.  Experience...within a framework and environment designed to catalyse and nurture transformation, you will stretch what's possible and practical with differently-thinking, like-hearted leaders.



The experience - take a pause from business as usual 


Our offer is a 9-month facilitated journey with a peer group learning approach.  We include nature immersions at the start and finish with online solo and group coaching and support.  Our specialist framework will help those of you seeking greater fulfilment in your work and life to answer the questions: what next? so what? and what else is possible through your work and contribution, taking steps towards creating the legacy you aspire to.  

We support you to pause from business as usual and allow time to individually and collectively reflect on the change in direction you want to see, discuss barriers and enablers for change, and become energised to start experimenting in areas that are most ripe for supporting this transition.   

Nature is a profound source of insight and discovery, are you ready to disconnect in order to reconnect?


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What mark will you leave on this world?


'Leading Your Legacy' will help you:

  • Explore the legacy you aspire to

  • Clarify your mission and purpose to create it

  • Identify the development goals that are aligned with your mission and enable you to live your purpose

  • Recognise your immunity to change and how to overcome the assumptions that might be holding you back

  • Learn to continuously experiment with new ways of creating fulfilling work for you and others

  • Develop the confidence in committing to becoming a contributor to the greater good

If you are ready to take the first step towards your transition, contact the 'Living Your Legacy' team now for your initial consultation. *Images courtesy of our partner Campwell

Nature Based Immersions
Business Simulaton Games


  • I've achieved much in my work and life and at the same time I am finding work less meaningful and fulfilling - I wonder what could be next...? 

  • I am keen my work contributes to something more, but I don't know what that is...?

  • I want to explore what else is possible; what could my legacy be...?

Helping you create the legacy you aspire to...

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