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Building Highly Effective Teams

Are you looking to develop your teams to become effective and contribute with purpose?

More Highly Effective Teams

Tapping into your team’s strengths and opportunities for growth creates a team that is confident, responsive and capable of taking on whatever challenges or opportunities that emerge for them.  


Tapping the Source works with you to create bespoke programmes that develop stronger teams that are fit to adapt to our constantly changing environment.

Our approach balances the stages of development of team members with the collective development of the team itself.  


We will work with your team leaders to understand the challenges and opportunities facing them, and sometimes more broadly with the key stakeholders the team serves.  


The typical areas we encounter when working with teams include:


  • Relationships with key stakeholders – do we know who we serve and how to have appropriate relationships with them?

  • Mission and purpose – do we have clarity of direction across the team?

  • Formal and informal team norms – what is the real culture in a team?

  • Motivation of the individuals – is there alignment between individual and team values and purpose?

  • Roles, talent and resources – are we playing to our strengths?

  • Managing conflict and conflict resolution – are we developing the skills to create healthy rather than debilitating tension?

  • Performance and results – do we measure and celebrate success, constantly learn and adjust to meet new demands?


Our aim is to encourage your team members to bring their whole, authentic selves to the team work so they experience learning and development together. They will start to recognise how they respond to situations, build relationships, engage fully in the team’s work, build confidence in taking risks and experiment with new ways of working. We work with them to learn how to collectively reflect on successes and failures to encourage ongoing learning and new innovative growth. 

What can you expect from a Team Coaching programme*?


  • An engaged and effective team that is ready to respond to whatever it faces.

  • Revealing which key stakeholders matter most and which aren’t being engaged.

  • Developing the skills to build strong sustainable relationships within and outside the team.

  • Tapping into your often underused emotional, instinctive, and embodied intelligence.

  • Gaining confidence to experiment, innovate and take risks when appropriate, but also recognising when it is time to focus on the known basics to achieve their goals.

  • Learning to self-reflect as a team so successes and failures encourage growth and development.

*Whole Intelligence


  • How do I create an engaged and effective team?

  • What are our opportunities and challenges and how are we responding to them?

  • How do we know if we are building stronger relationships within our team, and beyond, what are the signs?

  • Are we really learning as a team from our successes and failures?

  • Are we all bringing our whole selves to our team meetings?

  • Do we feel we have a strong foundation as a team and are we being bold in our experimenting and innovating?

  • What do we need to do to respond to the ever-increasing demands we face?

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