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Purpose Driven Leadership

Are you a conscious leader that builds effective teams, makes a positive impact on your business whilst working in harmony with our planet?

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More Purpose Driven Leadership

Tapping the Source will work with you to create bespoke programmes to enhance your leadership skills and enhance your individual mindset. Skill development enables you to broaden your capability in areas that will allow you to perform as your best self in your role, some typical examples include:


  • Improving communication with multiple stakeholders

  • Developing active listening

  • Learning to deal with difference and managing conflict effectively

  • Improving delegation and feedback

  • Encouraging your own learning processes through reflective practice

  • Developing coaching and mentoring

  • Creating a growth mindset and culture through embedding constant feedback


As a leader of people, the mindset you bring to your role is crucial, it can mean the difference between success and failure.  Increasing your capacity to think differently, see the world through different eyes and to ask different questions, allows leaders to perceive, frame and interpret experiences in new and exciting ways.  Focusing attention in this area will influence the way you solve problems, self-manage, communicate and build relationships.


Our development is highly complex, ongoing and flexible, which means we need a process that provides clarity, focus and growth, sometimes rapidly.  Mindset development allows you to tap into the innate strengths that you may take for granted or harnessing untapped potential you haven’t realised.  When it comes to mindset development you can expect the following benefits:

  • Recognising areas of your personality that are stand out leadership strengths and others that may work against you when under pressure or stress.

  • Identifying the key motives and values that bring purpose to you and your role.

  • Managing the voice in your head that impairs your potential, often referred to as managing our imposter syndrome, and identifying ways to have a consistently effective mindset. 

  • Recognising the beliefs and assumptions that prevent you from achieving your development goals, and replacing them with ones that are effective and enable us to grow.

  • Recognising your own stage of development as a leader and identifying activities and experiments that will take you to your development edge, where real growth happens.

  • Developing your ability to recognise how you are experiencing situations in the moment so you can consciously take different perspectives, enabling you to handle increased complexity and the constant changes we experience as leaders.

  • Developing your presence and personal brand as a leader by recognising your primary leadership styles, recognising what you bring that is unique, as well as developing new and different styles to stretch your leadership capacity.

Both skill and mindset development are important to be successful in business. At Tapping the Source we help you identify where to start, much the same as using a map and compass to identify and follow your best route, whist experiencing the support that coaching provides as you experiment in the areas that will have the most impact and enable you to work at your development edge, where real development happens.


  • What values are important to me and what do I find motivating?

  • What do I bring to my work, what strengths do I have and where can I undermine myself?

  • What holds me back from making progress?

  • How do I make sense of my world, what assumptions, lenses, experiences do I habitually rely on and how can I develop these to improve my leadership style?

  • Am I investing my energy and time in the right areas right now?

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