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We're passionate about sharing best practice and providing our clients with the tools and resources that help them be the best they can be. Here are some of the tools and programmes we work with.


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Hogan Leadership 

Purpose driven leadership is the most important topic in the social, behavioural, and organisational sciences. When good leadership prevails, organisations and people prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by corporate corruption and business disasters. 

The HoganLead leadership development reports are based on 30+ years of research and socioanalytic theory that identify competencies, derailers, and values of top leaders. From day-to-day interactions to situations of stress and pressure to goals that drive behaviour. 

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Leadership Development Profile 

The Leadership Development Profile (LDP) is the premier instrument to identify and support the development of meaning-making for leadership. Unlike diagnostic and personality assessments, this instrument has been specifically designed to facilitate development in your everyday life. All these needs and more are met by the LDP Process, which is made up of (1) the LDP Report and (2) an LDP Coaching Debrief. They work hand in hand, not to diagnose you, but to open a well-informed, well-orientated, relevant developmental pathway made just for you.

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Leadership Development Programme

Rocket Go Green


Rocket Go Green is an experiential business simulation game that addresses environmental needs within organisations to connect everyday decision-making with the sustainability of both your organisation and the planet. Played virtually or in a classroom, participants learn and improve business skills by running a virtual business in a realistic and interactive platform. The game presents real-world business scenarios to accelerate resilience and develop problem-solving abilities. Teams will need to optimize a simulated business that is wasteful and has a negative CO2 impact to become a green business; all whilst staying in business and profit.

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Whole Intelligence 

Whole Intelligence is a highly effective way of achieving leadership, team, and organisational effectiveness.  Based on over 30 years of research and application by Malcolm Parlett, Whole Intelligence is an accessible way to influence our thinking, feeling, and behaving that uses the innate intelligences we all have as human beings.  These abilities may be innate, but they are often unrecognised, underused or simply overridden. Developing self-awareness and the practice of whole intelligence encourages purpose driven leadership, building highly effective teams and cultural change for a regenerative workforce in organisations.  Tapping the Source works with Malcolm Parlett to provide programmes that use the core principles of Whole Intelligence, using this Gestalt based approach as a part of the learning and development of leaders and teams. 

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Immunity to Change 

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Immunity to Change (ITC) is a learning process developed and informed by 30 years of research on adult development and used in organisations throughout the world, It offers an actionable model for transforming our leaders, teams and organisations in ways that encourage constant learning and development as a way of working.


ITC can be applied to a wide variety of personal and professional change goals by overcoming unhelpful beliefs and assumptions that hold back personal and group development and performance. Tapping the Source is experienced and trained in this effective approach for recognising and unblocking the blind spots that hold us back

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Team Coaching

Team coaching drives powerful change at an individual, team and organisational level. These programmes support teams to consider both their internal dynamics and external stakeholders working with the connections and influences within and outside the team. Examining both internal and external aspects, these programmes provide a valuable way of supporting teams to improve their productivity, performance and realise their full potential. 


Tapping the Source is experienced and certified in the use of the most appropriate frameworks to build bespoke team development programmes that can tap into the key areas in a team that require the most development to encourage performance and effectiveness.  

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