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Cultural Change for a
Regenerative Workforce

Do you want to create cultural change towards a more regenerative workforce, business and future? Ready to disconnect in order to reconnect?

More Cultural Change

Creating the conditions for a regenerative workforce can be a challenge. How can you get your team to start thinking sustainability in everything they do whilst keeping the business on track?


Regenerative cultures create conditions that allow employees to thrive, responding and adapting to new situations, challenges and opportunities, supporting them to build stronger relationships within the business and outside with key stakeholders.

It encourages individuals to bring their whole selves to work, having the confidence to take risks and innovate, constantly learning while contributing to their organisational mission and value proposition.  


In a world where the pressures of climate, artificial intelligence, volatile supply chains (amongst others), creates constant uncertainty - a new way of working is required.  


Tapping the Source uses its philosophy and principles of leadership development and team development to support businesses to move to regenerative cultures that can thrive in our volatile, uncertain and complex age.  We work with clients to provide unique, impactful and deeply immersive learning experiences.


We support rapid learning and different thinking, tapping into unrealised potential in our leaders, teams and more broadly across the organisation to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our time.

Nature-based Immersions 

The world is changing rapidly, and we are faced with new complex challenges on a daily basis. The only way businesses can survive and thrive is to move forward into a new and more effective phase of sustainable leadership - regenerative leadership.


Our unique nature-based immersion programmes provide the support, tools and environment needed to explore and facilitate a shift in behaviours and mindset, to unlock powerful new perspectives and potential for leaders encouraging systemic change within their organisations. 

These programmes are tailored to provide leaders and their teams with the opportunity to pause, assess their current situation, gain critical insights and focus on the areas and actions in the organisation that will set them on their new path to success. 

Set within an ancient woodland, nature plays a key role in our immersive development programmes. Providing a source of inspiration and a rare chance to disconnect, we focus on themes of leadership, strategy, organisation and sustainability.

What can you expect from our nature-based immersion programme?


  • A pause to think from the business of day-to-day business.

  • An immersion in a unique, natural environment that will get you thinking differently.

  • Encouragement to respond to your business situation in new and innovative ways.

  • Spend quality time stopping to build stronger team relationships.

  • Experiencing how the natural environment allows us to tap into our physical as well as cognitive self.

  • Experimenting in ways that are unusual in day-to-day business and create opportunities for innovative thinking.

  • Time to reflect on what is working and what needs to change for the better, with the time and space to identify practical next steps.

  • Creating a growth mindset and culture through embedding constant feedback.


Nature is a profound source of insight and discovery, are you ready to disconnect in order to reconnect?

Nature Based Immersions
Business Simulaton Games


  • We’ve tried the normal off sites, and away days, but their impact is often momentary, how can we create experiences that will influence the way we work in the long term?

  • How can we connect more effectively now we are remote and hybrid working so when we meet it has a significant, positive impact on our working relationships and effectiveness?

  • How do we start thinking radically about how our business can respond to the climate emergency?

  • We know the environment is important but how do we move towards a more sustainable model?

  • We know that nature is powerful but how do we use it to help our teams to develop and to get us thinking about our business in new and exciting ways?

  • How can we use an experience in nature to help us create unique experiences that will develop our leaders and their teams over the long term?

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